Frequently asked questions

Yes. During these unprecedented times, the safety of our community and customers remains our top priority. While we’ve always had proper vehicle cleaning procedures in place, we have now implemented a more comprehensive mandates that include enhanced cleaning guidance for vehicles and social distancing practices. 

The wellbeing of our customers and employees is our top priority.  We are taking our best practice approach to operate safely and monitor the situation by following guidelines and recommendations  set by the government and WHO. We put extreme emphasis on following our cleaning procedures of our vehicles – inside and outside, as well as open all the windows and air the vehicle prior to the next hire. 

We give special attention to:

  • Handles (internal & external)
  • Steering wheel (the whole of the wheel should be cleaned including those out-of- sight areas where fingers tend to grip)
  • Full length of the indicator & windscreen wiper stalks
  • Gear stick
  • Seat belts, seat belt adjusters & buckles
  • Seat adjusters – height/backwards/forwards
  • Rear view mirror
  • Dashboard & infotainment controls
  • Glove box
  • Keys including the handle, metal and the ignition itself
  • Start button (if applicable)
  • Heating/cooling controls
  • Air vent grips

There are different procedures in place if you or someone you live with has displayed symptoms of COVID-19 whilst in the posession of the vehicle. 

Additional cleaning measures are undertaken and (where possible) a vehicle is being isolated for a minimum of 72 hours, whereafter it is deep cleaned, sanitized, disinfected and hired out again. 

You can drive our motorhome on a B category licence if you are aged 24-75 (unless otherwise agreed in writing) and have held your driving licence for a minimum of 2 years. Insurance surcharges may apply for drivers under 26 or over 69 years of age.

All vehicles are manually transmitted.

We allow drivers with no more than 6 points for SP, TS or CU. Any other convictions must be referred. Insurance surcharges may apply per conviction. You are required to declare any convictions within the last 5 years.

We accept UK and EU driving licence holders as well as USA, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian driving licences. Any other licence holders must be referred.

The motorhome can do 350 – 400 miles on full tank if you keep the speed at approx. 60mph. The tank capacity is 60 litres. 

In normal cirumstance you are able to travel across the EU and EEA, depending on the hire package obtained. However, due to COVID-19 we have decided not to hire out for EU trips. Under normal circumstances we would usually ask you to provide an approximate itinerary for your trip and you would need to acquire VE103 (vehicle on hire certificate) which is available from RAC website https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/travel/driving-abroad/vehicle-on-hire/.

If you are travelling to Europe, you need to obtain a PREMIUM hire package. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we do not offer EU hire this year. 

Yes, all our motorhomes can go through the Channel Tunnel.

Yes, comprehensive UK and EU cover as well as break down cover are provided with every hire.

No. In order to ensure suitable level of cover insurance is provided by us.

Every vehicle is provided with a breakdown cover and the contact number of where to call in case of a breakdown.

Full valid UK/EU license (the plastic photo card). If from abroad, also please bring your passport. By the time of collection you must have submitted all necessary paperwork such as proof of address and other requested copies of documentation.

The collection time at 1 pm. Any other possible collection time should be agreed prior to coming to avoid waiting. Early collection time is subject to availability and early collection fees.  The return time is 11.00 am.

Parking is available for one vehicle at a discounted rate of £5/day for Hire Motorhome London customers. The parking space needs to be pre-booked.

Should there be no damage to the vehicle, your security deposit would be refunded within 72 hours of you returning the vehicle. However, the time frame may be extended for up to six weeks if there was any damage to the vehicle. 

Yes it is. The motorhome provides hot air blown heating through the internal ventilation system. The heating is provided either by the diesel in the fuel tank or the gas heater depending on the model of the motorhome. The engine does not need to be running for the heating to work.

All our motorhomes have cab air conditioning. 

You can take a pet in some of the vehicles only providing you return the vehicle in a clean and unsoiled state. Extra charges apply. 

1x Gas Bottle, Shower and Toilet, Gas hob/Grill, Fridge – Freezer, (Pots, pans and cooking utensils, Crockery, cutlery and mugs have been removed until further notice due to Covid-19) Kettle, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Kit, CD player, TV and DVD player, Bike rack (in some of the vehciles/extra charges apply), Awning (in some of the vehicles/extra charges apply).

There is a gas cooker in the motorhome.

We supply 1 gas bottle with your hire. An additional gas bottle can be requested as part of your ‘Extras’. One gas bottle can last for a week or longer during the summer months. If the gas runs out you can exchange an empty gas bottle at a petrol or gas station at a particular fee. We strongly recommend you get a second gas bottle if you take the vehicle abroad as EU plugs are different and it may be difficult to re-fill gas once abroad. 

There is a TV and/or a DVD player in all our motorhomes.

Most of our vehicles have a built in oven/microwave. 

Unfortunately, our motorhomes do not have an awning. 

No. Our motorhomes do not have Satellite Navigation System installed. Sat Nav can be hired at an additional price.

Most of motorhomes are fitted with a bike rack that carries 2 – 4 bikes. Please refer to “Extras” for additional fees using the bike rack. 

Electric sockets will only work once you are connected to an electricity supply. A 25 metre long hook up cable is provide for connection. If there is no electricity supply, the power for the lights and the water pump is provided by the leisure battery. The leisure battery charges from the running engine and its’ levels can be monitored on a control unit.

We know how stressful it can be to remember all the instructions at once. Hence, we have created a video handover manual which you will be sent by email prior to departure. You can always go back to it and watch the certain parts again. We have also put these videos in our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqhXh6_XhIfs5jRhdQ7IO2Q


You can request the number of required bedding sets at additional cost. All bedding that we provide are single sets. We do not provide double sets. Therefore, any additional number of bedding sets should be counted per person. A single bedding set includes a duvet, duvet cover, sheet, pillow and pillow case. Please refer to “Extras” for additional fees. 

The security deposit is £1200.

The fridge, hot water, the heater (for some motorhome models) and the hob/grill run on gas. If connected to the mains power the fridge will run on electricity.

If you hook up to the mains power the usage of gas will be reduced (the fridge will run on electricity, true), the leisure battery will recharge and you will be able to use the plug sockets. You will not be able to use the sockets without being connected to the mains or having a generator.

The water tank can be fully filled at an addional fee. Please check ‘Extras’ for pricing.  We would advise to purchase drinking water separately.

Yes. The speed limit is 70 mph. The motorhome becomes unstable when going over 70 mph. There is a £75 charge per day if this limit is found to be exceeded.

Our return time is 11 am (unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to collection) and this is when we require the motorhome to be returned to our depot. We ask the hirers to return the vehicles with the same level of fuel as was present at the commencement of hire. Please empty the toilet cassette and grey water tank. This has to be done at approved disposal point. Unfortunately we do not provide this facility at our depot. Please return the vehicle in a clean and tidy condition. In particular we ask attention to be paid to the following areas: Toilet cassette and grey water tank, Washroom areas, floors, Toilet bowl, MH living area floor, Tables and worktops, Cupboards, cooker and fridge, Driver’s cab rug, Rubbish and any grime. Please remove all the stickers. 

Unfortunately our vehicles do not have a tow bar. 

We can provide a booster seat. Please refer to “Extras” for additional costs. 

No. We do not supply winter tyres.

Please visit www.ukcampsite.co.uk for information about campsites across the UK.